January 28, 2018

A film about a man paralysed from the neck down seems like a strange debut for the motion capture director.  However, after learning that Andy Serkis' had a family member that suffered with a terminal illness, and that his mother taught disable...

October 22, 2017


I went into this film blind and that's exactly how it should be. So, you'll get nothing from me, and like it. 

Although I will say that it feels a bit like a (good) Will Ferrell movie.

100% cinema date material (or Netflix and chill, if you must). In UK c...

October 12, 2017

"I have a tendency to walk around the same fictional cities, and see who else lives there, and what their story might be."

Prodigals' Road follows a farmer who must choose between the life of a refuge and the life of his land in a magic, realist tale about fate....

October 8, 2017

Like Bambi, ‘Ava’ stumbles around for a bit before finding it's feet. 

For the first hour, this film alienated me with random gestures and dialogue that felt un-earned, propped up by character motives that were unapparent, but the director grew as the film did.


September 26, 2017

I am not one for obvious humour wrapped up in a mini-skirt and sprinkled with emojis, however this was a first impression, and as they often are, this was wrong.

This film is whip-smart. It satirises our cyber-mania society at just the right pitch, making subtle ji...

September 14, 2017

Whether you have a film in the festival or not, you're in for a treat. I would recommend going either way, as it can be a great experience for students, emerging filmmakers (including actors) and even people just interested in film. So here's pretty much everything you...

September 3, 2017

Considering I'm a very emotional person, and my in-built glory complex means that I well-up whenever the hero of a story finds success from their previously-not-appreciated talent, I should have felt a lot more during Tom of Finland

The film started off with s...

August 26, 2017

Like many of us, Mike Rogers dreamed of a career in film. Except, something made Rogers stop dreaming, and start writing. Winning Sunday Shorts Script Competition with 'Sugar', meant Rogers had won the first competition he'd entered, with the first script he'd written....

August 20, 2017

It was horrific. It was genius. I’ll never watch it again, but oh my did I enjoy it. The acting from the leading couple of performances was so superb, they managed to keep the audience like best friends on their side whilst they *SPOILER ALERT* gnawed on human flesh. T...

August 13, 2017

I have just finished watching Victoria and I have no words. It seems trivial to break it down into what made it so good. It’s as if magic dust was sprinkled on it somewhere during production, or post-production, or shot listing, or casting, or (to be continued.)

It made...

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