April 1, 2019

‘Get Out’ was great, and even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve heard of it, and know it’s both funny and scary. Jordan Peele also does a great job of entertaining the audience without emphasising the weight of the social injustice.

So watching ‘Us’, we can’t help but set...

September 3, 2017

Considering I'm a very emotional person, and my in-built glory complex means that I well-up whenever the hero of a story finds success from their previously-not-appreciated talent, I should have felt a lot more during Tom of Finland

The film started off with s...

August 20, 2017

It was horrific. It was genius. I’ll never watch it again, but oh my did I enjoy it. The acting from the leading couple of performances was so superb, they managed to keep the audience like best friends on their side whilst they *SPOILER ALERT* gnawed on human flesh. T...

August 6, 2017

The first thing to say is that writing a review feels a little weird. I have always found the concept a strange one; that critics can have so much influence on subjective things from theatre shows to food tastings is inane. Why should anybody's opinion matter when thei...

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How To Spot Film Festival Scams

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