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An opinion of reviews

The first thing to say is that writing a review feels a little weird. I have always found the concept a strange one; that critics can have so much influence on subjective things from theatre shows to food tastings is inane. Why should anybody's opinion matter when their experience cannot possibly match anyone else's on the planet? (We all wheel our personalised baggage into the room with us packed with our own unique experiences do we not?)

I suppose having the general consensus of people can be both money and time saving (alas TripAdvisor is born into this world, smacked on the bottom and starts his empire.) This is one of the few benefits I see to ‘reviewing’, though even then it is not foolproof. I have also concluded that one might want to compare what they think with what other people might think, and perhaps the facelessness of the reviewer makes an opinion seem more legitimate. A safer yard stick to judge themselves by and gather ideas from, rather than what Cheryl said at the bar over a vodka-coke. It also allows them to asses and form their own opinions whilst keeping their cards close to their chest. No need to reveal too much to Cheryl about what you think before you are certain that is what you think. It makes me wonder, if Cheryl had taken the time to put her opinion into print, would it be considered more trustworthy? More educated? Black and white? Well… butter my rump and call me Cheryl.

I am that woman who is writing her opinion rather than speaking it (and with a vodka-coke in-hand no less). I am a young aspiring filmmaker, and I do not presume to think that I could make a film better than the ones I am reviewing. I am simply writing an honest review of what I thought and felt as an audience member. Whenever critical it is in no way to take away from how brilliantly the director and crew would’ve worked and how much good filmmaking is in their films. I’m just learning through my own reviewing what I like and don’t like in films, to better myself in the hopes that one day someone doesn’t slag me off in a review too much... though inevitably they will.

I am writing simply because I want to know what I think of the film. This way I know what I think makes a good film and can try to make something I would enjoy as a viewer, as I’ve found the only yard stick worth judging yourself by is your own. So these reviews are purely what I think, and I’m sure that everyone else in the world will have a different opinion. And we are all different. And that’s okay.

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