Why I'll never watch RAW (again).

It was horrific. It was genius. I’ll never watch it again, but oh my did I enjoy it. The acting from the leading couple of performances was so superb, they managed to keep the audience like best friends on their side whilst they *SPOILER ALERT* gnawed on human flesh. They maintained conventional endearing teenage girl characteristics whilst in heightened situations, which was the key to 'Raw' having such a high calibre. Though I often questioned their actions, I never questioned who I was rooting for. Stunning work from the actresses and director alike.

At a festival where so many films have aimless-to-no story arcs, this was a refreshing take on conventional structured storytelling. The beats kept on coming, and I didn’t look at my watch once (although I peered through my fingers at the screen many a time). It felt like a completely linear storyline told extremely well. The cinematography was always beautiful and impressive. The same goes for the special effects. To nail that sort of complexity of filmmaking as a first-time feature director, with performances to match - hats off to you Julia. Hats off.