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'Ingrid Goes West' doesn't take itself too srsly, and neither should you.

I am not one for obvious humour wrapped up in a mini-skirt and sprinkled with emojis, however this was a first impression, and as they often are, this was wrong.

This film is whip-smart. It satirises our cyber-mania society at just the right pitch, making subtle jibes at our social media sickness that made the audience 'LOL'. What’s more, the instagram-ness of it all didn’t bother me. Seeing that mobile phone interface on screen has never before proved it’s cinematic worth, however in this film it was inoffensive and even relevant. That itself is a tribute to the filmmakers!

Ingrid Goes West (2017)

The performances by the two lead actresses were spot on. Elizabeth’s satire of California-insta-girls playfully parodied the stereotype whilst remaining truthful, and Aubrey Plaza was simply on another level. To endow her oddball, psychotic character with all those appropriate traits and play it farcically for film whilst still being likable and truthful is an incredibly hard feat. This role really shows off her talent for acting. Despite her psychotic ways I was on her side, and her character is brilliantly nuanced, subtly changing depending on who she's around.

It's refreshing to see modern culture captured in such a funny and truthful way. The context this film has is superficial and it went as deep as the subject matter could go in such a fun-loving way. It is a lighthearted film, but it also highlights something very important about today's instant gratification culture.

I think it’s important that teenage girls in particular see this film. Seeing people take the piss out of their culture, could have a very positive impact and remind them not to take themselves, and their online presence, too seriously.

Ingrid Goes West is screening at the BFI London Film Festival 2017

Time - Date - Screen

21:00 - SAT 7th - CENTRAL

12:45 - SUN 8th - MAYFAIR

20:45 - SAT 14th - CENTRAL

Ingrid Goes west will be in UK cinemas on 17th November


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