AVA - A future cult classic?

Like Bambi, ‘Ava’ stumbles around for a bit before finding it's feet.

For the first hour, this film alienated me with random gestures and dialogue that felt un-earned, propped up by character motives that were unapparent, but the director grew as the film did.

All of a sudden, this film blossoms into a poetic Bonnie and Clyde-esque, coming-of-age drama and it completely stole my heart. Cinematography, art direction and performance suddenly come together, showing what this debut director is really capable of.

I grew to adore the two lead characters. How refreshing it is to see a dark, heartless anti-heroine on screen - and such a sophisticated performance! A well-written script helped to create a strong, defiant and fully-formed thirteen-year-old lead.

With some dreamlike elements, this film is both hopelessly romantic and devastatingly realistic. With two outcast souls in a desperate situation finding some happiness in one another, it's about why people end up together (and why you don't always stay with your first choice).

This felt like a cult classic I will one day look back on with nostalgia.