Lisa Stock talks screenwriting and contest winning 'Prodigals' Road'

"I have a tendency to walk around the same fictional cities, and see who else lives there, and what their story might be."

Prodigals' Road follows a farmer who must choose between the life of a refuge and the life of his land in a magic, realist tale about fate.

"The story is about how far we go to help others. Our world is in crisis, and it gets overwhelming at times to watch the news. So I took one woman who needed help and brought her to this one farm, to give it more of a human face, but I closed in from there and took the focus off her and on to the man who may or may not help her."

"Why should he? What will he lose? What will he gain? It's where a lot of us sit when someone asks us for help or when we watch a report of others in fear and pain. We can certainly donate from the comfort of our own homes, but what if that person was across the street? Not a friend or family member, but a stranger. What would you do to help them if it meant everything you have in life may change? And 'Prodigals' Road' all plays out in the 1960's with the 'Fates' driving around in Chevy Impalas."

Lisa Stock's 'Prodigals' Road' won Sunday Shorts' Script Competition in September 2017.

"The feedback sent was wonderful - very clear and I'm inspired with ways on how to make it stronger. This is the first step in bringing the film to life on screen and I appreciate the time taken to send such thorough feedback"

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Today also marks the launch date of Lisa Stock's 'The Indifferent Voyeur' - A series of 18 one-shot experimental films, about how connected we are to our neighbors, even though we're getting more and more isolated behind walls, computers and phones.

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