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Award-winning horror script needs a producer

Children of Men (2006(

LIVING MEMORY - An elderly man struggles to care for his ailing wife, facing a terrible choice as her memory fails – while the zombies draw nearer.

Stephen Graves has written and directed a number of short films, including 'A Stitch In Time', funded by Westminster Arts and distributed by Shorts TV), the zombie horror 'Baby Steps' and 'Fred's Shed', which is currently screening in festivals in the UK and abroad.

Stephen Graves, Reading Fringe Film Festival 2017

Stephen recently won Sunday Shorts Script Competition with his latest short script, 'Living Memory', which he plans to direct in the near future.

'Living Memory' takes one of the often overlooked elements of the classic George Romero zombie - the fact that they dimly remember their past lives - and uses it as a springboard to examine themes of memory, nostalgia and loss.

In focusing on an elderly couple struggling to cope with dementia, it harks back to Romero's attempts to address contemporary social concerns through the heightened reality of the horror genre.

Stephen is currently on the look-out for a suitable producer for the project. So get in touch with him directly, or come meet him at Sunday Shorts' Halloween Special this Sunday (29th October) where he is a guest panelist.

Contact Info:

Twitter: @stephengraves



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