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Do we really want what we desire? - 'Thelma' Film Review

Captivating, with indulging surreal scenes that make you lose yourself and make you wonder - what the hell is going on?

The film masters a very subtle change from reality to the fantasy world, and it drops you right into Thelma’s shoes. Her parents are the ones that appear secretive, and their coldness towards her raise an aura of suspicion for everything they do. Their obsessive phone calls are acts of oppression rather than love, and you can’t help rooting for Thelma, solving the mystery of her dysfunctional family.

Thelma (2017)

Thelma’s struggle, and themes explored, are both very human even if they’re expressed in supernatural ways. On the outside, Thelma seems a very sensitive character who simply longs to connect with others, but her religious upbringing and suppressive parents make her an outsider. Nonetheless, she stands up for what she believes in and those humble often watery eyes light up, transforming her into an I-get-what-I-want protagonist.

The unfolding story begins to raise questions about our deepest desires and if they are the things that we truly want and need. Does suppressing them cause these urges to come back even stronger, backfiring and creating a self-imposed cage? Conformism, suppressive parents, or even the ideologies of our society can only lead to more harm than good. If anyone ever thought that erasing the cause of the problem is a good solution, here is an interesting story that plays on this idea.

It’s a film that essentially reminded me that our emotions cannot be controlled. Each one of us has a power within us to get what we want, by ways that defy logic.

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